About Philippe Vandier

A new classic is born

Philippe Vandier, a new classic is born

About year 1899 is born in the former French province of Périgord the one that later became the founder of one of the most important companies in the watchmaking industry of the 21st century: Philippe Vandier.

Passionate about design, with exquisite taste and ahead to his time, he finally settled down in Spain from the year 1927, in Las Merindades of Castilla. There he founded his first watchmaking workshop, in a modest building where he gave free rein to his imagination and revealed his skill in the art of watchmaking. From these years, Philippe Vandier began to be recognized as a brand of international prestige, reaching his legacy to the present day and becoming a world reference in terms of design and quality.

In the beginning, gold watches was their main activity, and some of the best factories and workshops in the city of Madrid and its surroundings joined that activity to shape their unique creations that became very valued soon, not only in our market but also in the showcases of the best jewelers in the Middle East, where they’re still present. Later on, Phillipe Vandier became the International Division of the prestigious watch and jewelry company Carrera Steel S.L, which has a modern factory with high capacity to meet any custom work in watches and jewels.

With the extensive experience and professionalism from the first generation family company, reinforced by an enthusiastic young second generation, leaded by Monica Villarán who had raised before Relojes Carrera to the be one of the most admired brands in Spain, the team decided to adopt Phillipe Vandier as the main brand for the launch of a new range of Swiss steel watches with diamonds and a new line of 18K gold watches with matching jewelry pieces. Its successful Butterfly Collection is based on delicate butterflies designs filled with diamonds on rose or white gold over an outstanding beauty mother of pearl dial, likewise Zahira and Sun collections with their exclusive designs provide unmatched elegance to women that wear these exclusive jewel watches. Due to the good reception in the brand relaunch, in 2013 Philippe Vandier makes the leap to the accessories market, starting with a line of leather bags and wallets made ​​in the most prestigious workshops of the city of Ubrique in Spain, with spectacular finishes and outstanding materials with designs that combine elegance and modernity.

Nowadays, because of its ties with some of the most prestigious jewelers in cities like Doha, Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the Philippe Vandier Spanish firm has some eastern flavor, because of its strong foreign activity, with a wide representation in Arabic Gulf markets, as well as some of his pieces of fine jewelry and jewel-watches. This way Phillipe Vandier keeps all the heritage of its founders: tradition, style, quality, reliability and luxury. But on the other hand it is also basing its bid to conquer new markets with significant values ​​of modernity, youth and technology.

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